Why Should You Include Fermented Foods in the Diet?


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Fermented foods are good to include in our diet. Know all its benefits. Is it good to include fermented foods in the diet? We explain why you include these types of products in your day-to-day diet. This type of food can be beneficial for the immune system, by contributing to the elimination of toxins harmful to our body.

Improve the Digestive Process

Fermentation is a process in which various microorganisms are involved, all beneficial to health, such as bacteria and fungi that influence the texture, taste and smell of this type of food. These products are often very useful as an aid to your defenses, helping to prevent the development of a large number of diseases. The enzymes of these foods improve the digestive process. This is especially necessary in the case of older people, because as they get older, the body stops producing them. In short, these enzymes help the decomposition of food. This is because they allow to absorb the essential nutrients and separate the substances that must be discarded.

They Help to Maintain the Bone Structure

Including fermented foods in the diet will help regulate the bacterial flora in the intestine. Thanks to the live cultures they contain, taking this type of food makes the human microbiota more robust, increasing the response to elements harmful to people’s health. On the other hand, these products contain high levels of vitamin B12 and folic acid, both nutrients that are especially important for the state of the bone structure. Absorbing these elements daily contributes to maintaining the necessary amount of calcium in the bones, so that it does not wear out prematurely, nor does bone density lose during adulthood.

Contribute to Regulate the Level of Blood Sugar

Another benefit of fermented foods in the diet is that the large number of beneficial bacteria for health present in them helps facilitate the metabolism of sugars. In this way, the highest levels present in the blood can be controlled. Fermented foods are especially advisable in patients who are at risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes. This is because they help to use glucose as a source of energy source. Therefore, this type of people has to especially consider the intake of fermented products. Even so, this type of food must be present in the diet of all kinds of people, and will be highly recommended for a healthy diet.

Fermented Foods in the Diet:

Here are some examples of fermented foods that we can include in our diet. With them, we can enjoy all the benefits of this type of products.


In addition to being very accessible to all, yogurt is a very healthy food due to its probiotic action. However, we must see the nutritional labels to avoid some very rich in sugars, fats or additives.

Fermented Cabbage

The sauerkraut is very typical food of Germany and other European countries, and it is used habitually like support. The cabbage is fermented with water and salt, and this process increases levels of glucosinolates , elements that help fight tumor cells .


Kombucha is a fashionable product that is becoming more and more popular in the world of nutrition. In California it is usually consumed, it is already served in restaurants, there are specialized bars in kombucha and parties are held where this fermented tea is served, rich in probiotics and of very peculiar flavor.

“Fermentation is generated by the symbiosis of yeasts and other microorganisms”.

To the black tea is added a few tablespoons of sugar, which is converted into a multitude of simpler components available, such as vitamins and enzymes. In addition, many people are already encouraged to prepare this interesting drink in their homes.


Miso is a paste produced with the fermentation of soybeans and optionally mixed with rice or wheat. Among its many benefits, it favors the balance of the intestinal flora and has a great antioxidant power. In addition, it is rich in essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins.


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