Necessary Methods to Lose Weight and Not Gain Weight Again!

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In these pages we are sharing different methods to lose weight. Beyond the particularities of each one, it is clear that to lose weight it is necessary to consume more calories than those that are ingested. This is achieved by decreasing the calories in the diet and increasing fat burning through exercise. Simple, is not it? But let’s be honest … if it were so simple, we would not have so many clothes that we cannot use cornered in the closet!  Actually, the most effective weight loss methods should take into account other factors, such as your lifestyle and needs, so that the simple is truly simple and natural.

Methods to Lose Weight According to Your Lifestyle

It is important to consider the lifestyle, as explained by this excellent guide to lose weight of the Arthritis Foundation. For example, if you work all day away from home and do not have time to cook, you are likely to consume many industrialized, frozen or prepared foods. This is very difficult to diet … Surely you must change your shopping style. Analyze these strategies:

  • Visit the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket more frequently.
  • Set aside one day a week or every fifteen days to prepare food to freeze; for example, combine different vegetables cut into small cubes and pack them into a serving. Serve to prepare soups or pies or combine them with rice.
  • Take home cooked food to work instead of going to a restaurant or eating something fast.
  • Do not let many hours go by without eating; Take a break mid-morning and mid-afternoon to eat a fruit or yogurt.
  • Prefer the stairs to the elevators, get off the bus or the subway one stop before to walk, take advantage of the breaks at work to move and exercise.

Methods to Lose Weight by Feeding Correctly

We had said that to lose weight you have to reduce calories. This can be achieved either by consuming low-calorie foods or, which is much easier, by reducing the portions we usually eat. Take into account that the stomach is very flexible and if you eat more it will get bigger, whereas if you reduce the portions, your stomach will shrink. Follow these steps:

  • Measure portions
  • Do not use more, only what you’re going to eat
  • Remember these equivalences: a portion of fruit is a medium fruit; a portion of proteins (for example meats) are 85-100 grams, and a portion of cheese is 25-30 grams.
  • Avoid turning to food when you feel sad, bored, lonely or stressed; It has been discovered that 75% of what we eat in excess is due to these reasons. Try to find a positive outlet for these emotions, as going for a walk, playing, and reading, taking a shower or whatever you like most.
  • Discover your bad eating habits, for example, if you are at home all day, visit the refrigerator frequently, sit down to watch TV with food on hand, or whatever. Once you have identified your “diet saboteurs”, beat them with good practices.
  • Do not adapt to being overweight. Maybe many times you started a diet, you left it, you started it again … Be realistic; Losing weight requires effort and perseverance. But with changes in lifestyle it will be easier.

Methods to Lose Weight by Eliminating Calories

Eliminating calories from your diet is easier than it seems. Many times, we eat foods that we really do not need without taking into account the calories they give us. For example:

  • Reduce the amount of sugar. How many cups of tea or coffee do you take per day? Each one has one or two teaspoons of sugar you are adding up to 30 calories per day per cup. Simply eliminate or reduce as much as possible the sugar or replace it with a sweetener.
  • Reduce the amount of mayonnaise. Start using half of the mayonnaise you usually consume. You will hardly notice the difference! Or replace it with low-calorie mayonnaise. You will save 50 calories per meal.
  • Choose low-calorie desserts if you do not resign yourself to the fruit and cannot stand the idea of ​​finishing the meal without a chocolate dessert … Choose low-calorie desserts or prepare them at home. You will save 100 calories.
  • Eat less meat If you are one of the people who consider that a meal without meat is not food; try to reduce the amount of meat. A portion of 150 – 170 gr. of meat contains 320 calories; reduce it to half and compensate with vegetables or soy protein. Savings: 160 calories.
  • Consume less dairy or prefer dairy with low fat content. By decreasing the amount of dairy or by replacing them with soy, rice or almond drinks, or low-calorie cheese, you can save 30 calories.

Methods to Lose Weight by Increasing the Metabolism

As we had already explained in previous articles, through the metabolism the organism converts food into energy. When the metabolism fails or we ingest too many calories, the food is converted into body fat.  

“To lose weight, we need our body to burn all those fats and to achieve this we must increase the activity”.

Do you think that doing many abdominals will reduce the waist? The abdominals help, but what really burns fat throughout the body is aerobic exercise like walking, biking or swimming. It is also necessary to work more muscles by performing strength exercises with weights. The order of the exercises is also important: it starts with the cardiovascular ones and ends with the strengthening ones. Do not have time to exercise? You only need thirty minutes a day, but remember that you should also include walking and housework. Lose belly doing crunches.

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