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What are the 6 Amazing Ways to Care for Joints Naturally!

Caring for your joints becomes a priority task when we are celebrating more years. The joints are crucial in our mobility and when they begin to bother with pain or friction, it is very difficult to maintain our routines and therefore keep active. The human body has the wonderful ability to repair itself. However, in the case of the joints we need to give them some extra care and care.

A joint is the connection between two bones in our body. The joints support our bone structure and give mobility to the elbows, knees, hip etc. The cartilage we have in the joints serves as a mat so that the bones do not carve each other and wear away. Over the years, weight gain and perhaps some youth injury, the cartilage weakens, causing discomfort, pain or even joint support. Fortunately, there are some tips that I am going to talk to you to improve the current condition of your joints so that you do not live a life of discomfort or disability.

1. Muscle Strengthening Exercises:

In essence, muscles act as protectors against shock and help stabilize and protect our joints. Doing muscle strengthening exercises such as lifting light weight can be really beneficial for our joints and even to protect our bones. It is extremely important that you continue exercising as you get older so as not to risk your bones or joints. The knees are particularly delicate and those that present more problems with the passage of time, so strengthening the muscles that surround them is vital. You can bike for it or hike.

2. Joint Movements:

“When we move the joint within a safe range of mobility, we move the synovial fluid that is inside the joint”.

This liquid serves as a lubricant and when we move constantly, we help the old liquid to come out and generate new liquid. The old synovial fluid can accumulate mineral deposits and microbes so it is necessary to change it daily with a session of 5 to 10 minutes of joint movement activity.

3. Roll:

When we are inactive, our muscles and connective tissues become hard and inflexible. The stress applied to a joint can originate from the misalignment of our body. For example: When one muscle is stronger than the other – the body tries to adjust the situation to compensate. If we roll our body, we can align the muscles, bones and joints so as not to have a problem. If you are experiencing some kind of alignment problem, you should go see an orthopedist.

4. Keep your Joints Lubricated with Healthy Fats:

The fats you eat every day eventually become part of the cell membranes. These membranes become the blocks that either produce inflammation or reduce inflammation. Therefore, it is important to consume natural fats such as avocado, nuts, seeds and even fats from salmon. Omega 3 fatty acids are particularly effective in preventing inflammation of the body and can be easily incorporated into our body by eating salmon or flaxseed. If you do not have enough consumption of omega 3 you can take chia, linseed, nuts and / or pistachios which are rich in omega 3.

5. Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is very effective as a pain controller in many ways. First, it helps the body produce endorphins that are natural chemicals that make us feel good. Second, they help stop the pain that is transmitted through the nervous system. Finally, they function as triggers in the muscles so that they relax. Acupuncture itself can be very interesting to improve, not only the joints but several other things.

6. Massage:

Massage can be very good therapy for joint pain. It is important that the person applying the massage is certified because a massage given by a person, who does not know, can be counterproductive. Always try to find someone trained so you can relax the muscles around your joints leading to a comfort situation.