How to Plan for Weight Loss Without Waiting for a Miracle?


Losing weight is a methodological process that must be done without waiting for a miracle.

“Good nutrition ensures that you lose those extra pounds without compromising your physical health”.

Currently, physical appearance has become very important. Many people undergo risky surgeries or begin to follow miraculous recipes just to lose weight in a few days and obtain a slender body of perfect measures. But the question is: are these techniques healthy? The answer is a blunt no. Unfortunately, some miracle diets that promise to help people lose weight actually only encourage their loss of body mass, but not fat. This can cause flaccidity and in some cases serious malnutrition problems.

Reduction is a process that must be carried out through methods that guarantee the good nutrition of the individual, as well as the activation of all his muscles through exercise. Only then can we obtain healthy and lasting results. Therefore, today we bring you some tips that you can follow to adopt healthy lifestyle habits that help you reduce those extra pounds. All without compromising your physical and mental health.

Recommendations to Lose Weight

To lose weight it is necessary to adopt a new lifestyle. However, when a rigid diet or a heavy exercise routine is suddenly imposed, it often becomes so tedious for the individual who ends up abandoning it. Therefore, specialists recommend gradually incorporating healthy changes in our daily routine. This way you will achieve a better coupling. In addition, this gives us greater possibilities for changes to become constant habits. Among the steps you must follow are the following.

1. Keep Your Body Active

Keeping our muscles active is the best mechanism to burn accumulated fat. Therefore, coaches recommend 30 minutes of daily exercise. This can be done through walks, jogs, bicycles, among others. In addition, a study conducted by Harvard University showed that maintaining an exercise routine can control the body’s satiety levels. This, complemented by a balanced diet, can be the key to achieving an ideal weight in a healthy way.

According to the co-author of the study, Miguel Alonso, a healthy diet and regular exercise often go hand in hand. Therefore, the practice of sports could serve as a motivator to encourage the individual to eat healthier.

2. Eat Healthy

Maintain a balanced diet where all the nutrients that our body requires to function properly are congregated proportionally. This is:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Cereals and pulses
  • Carbohydrates
  • Dairy products
  • Good fats
  • Proteins present in meats, fish and eggs

Also, be sure to eat at least the three main dishes of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). If you do not do it, a feeling of excessive hunger can be generated in your body that could result in a rebound effect. Finally, avoid excessive consumption of sugars, alcohol, fried foods or junk food that can be transformed into accumulated fat.

3. Enjoy What You Eat

Eating slowly, in a period of 20 and 30 minutes, will help us reduce the cravings that arise during the day. At the same time it allows us to better control the portions we consume. It also favors the digestive process and makes us more aware of the things we eat: its flavors, textures and smells.

When you eat fast your stomach fills up before the gastric information can be generated in a timely manner. You may even overflow the capacity of your stomach. That said, the famous “chew every bite 20 times” may be true. Remember: chewing food very well generates positive effects in your body.

4. Hydrate Well

It is widely known that water consumption is important for the organism. This is because it helps regulate the temperature, release toxins and maintain the necessary fluid levels. However, very few people know that this wonderful liquid can also help you control your appetite and eliminate extra pounds. This information is endorsed by Nicola Sorrentino, Italian nutritionist and professor of Nutritional Hygiene at the University of Pavia, author of the book La dieta dell’acqua  (The diet of water).

He explains that taking between eight and ten glasses of water daily helps to accelerate our metabolism by 90%. This can help us increase the speed at which we burn daily calories.

5. Zero Stress

Maintaining an accelerated pace of life may be becoming your condemnation in terms of weight loss. A study conducted by the Medical University of Vienna showed that, when a person suffers from stress, secretes more glucocorticoids. This hormone plays an important role when it comes to regulating excess weight. Therefore, an excess of it could put your health at risk. In addition, the stress can contribute to that extra fat that accumulates in your abdomen is formed. The recommendation in this case is to exercise and get rid of that discomfort that is accumulating in your body.

These recommendations can help you lose weight in an effective and natural way. Remember that it is a procedure that you must manage in a controlled manner. Doing it improperly can bring problems for your health. If you have doubts, consult a specialist.


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