Losing Weight with the Mediterranean Diet in a Healthy Way!

The Mediterranean diet excludes harmful fats for our body. It is based on carrying certain eating habits and eating healthy foods. It is true that there are many types of diet. Maybe too many. But experts tell us that we should look for those that are healthier, those that in addition to helping us lose weight, provide us with the essential nutrients. The Mediterranean diet stands out as an excellent option that you cannot miss. The Mediterranean diet is rich in proteins, fiber, omega 3, whole grains, minerals, vitamins and, what is more important; there are hardly any fats, flours and industrial sugars. Let’s see it in detail.

Why can the Mediterranean Diet help me Lose Weight?

  • In the first place we have to say that the Mediterranean diet does not respond directly to a method to lose weight in the strict sense. It is about maintaining very healthy eating habits where, thanks to its components and habits, we will regulate our weight, excluding everything that can cause us to get fat, or even get sick. Nutritionists tell us that with it, we can lose a kilo a week.
  • By this we mean that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial not only for us, but also for the whole family. In it, the basic principles of the food pyramid recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) are met.
  • The benefits of the Mediterranean diet lie in its excellent contribution of healthy fats, only monounsaturated from olive oil, and fatty acids such as Omega 6.
  • It excludes animal protein, as well as red meat.
  • It is the diet richest in antioxidants: fruits, nuts, vegetables and legumes…
  • Excellent fiber contribution.
  • Thanks to the Mediterranean diet we can reduce our blood cholesterol, protect ourselves from cardiovascular diseases and take care of our weight thanks to this balanced supply of nutrients where harmful fats are excluded for our body.

What Foods Constitute the Mediterranean Diet?

  • Vegetables, nuts such as nuts, legumes, fruits such as oranges, lemons, melons, apples, grapes…
  • Olive oil as the main source of fat.
  • The wine consumed in moderate amounts. No more than one glass a day.
  • Fish like tuna, salmon, cod…
  • Pasta as the main source of carbohydrates.
  • If any type of meat is consumed, it is always either chicken or turkey. They are lean meats.

This balanced, varied and healthy diet is joined by equally beneficial lifestyle habits. Walking daily in the sun, absorbing the need for vitamin D, the importance of breakfast, family eating in a relaxed and relaxed. .. Habits that we sometimes neglect due to our obligations and that are an essential part of our health. We recommend you read:  The healthy benefits of eating slowly.

Guidelines to Meet the Mediterranean Diet

  • You must meet 5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and dinner. The goal is to eat balanced amounts five times a day and never in large quantities.
  • Do not ever forget breakfast, it is essential that you get the energy to start the day and to balance the contribution of the whole day.
  • Do not use butter. Always replace it with olive oil.
  • The dinners will be essentially based on vegetables.
  • Do not exclude bread either, it is essential to give us fiber. Choose those of whole grain, being highly recommended those of rye or oats.
  • The spices are also highly recommended: oregano, basil, parsley … and essential garlic.
  • Sweets are not allowed. Substitute cow’s milk for vegetable milks.
  • It is also advisable to drink a glass of wine a day, as well as two liters of water a day.

Examples of Mediterranean Diet

We give you three menu examples below. The following days you can make the combinations you want, knowing which foods are the most healthy in the Mediterranean diet.

“It is important that you always eat at the same times that fruits and vegetables are always fresh”.

Between hours, if you feel hungry, you can turn to nuts like nuts or pistachios. Try also to make fruit juices fresh and fresh. Do not forget to eat quietly, and walk at least one hour a day.

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Menu 1


  • Orange juice, a whole toast with honey.


  • An Apple.


  • Lettuce salad, with half a pomegranate and a splash of lemon.
  • Baked breast with lemon.
  • An infusion of green tea.


  • A cup of grapes.


  • Scrambled eggs with spinach and prawns.
  • Baked hake.
  • Apple juice.

Menu 2


  • A cup of oatmeal with two nuts and a plum.


  • A skimmed yogurt.


  • Pasta salad with tomatoes, basil, black olives, and olive oil.
  • Zucchini puree with oregano and pepper.


  • A cup of apple jam.


  • Baked eggplants.
  • A salad of shredded carrot and lettuce.
  • An infusion of chamomile and lemon balm.

Menu 3


  • Oat milk and an apple.


  • A whole toast with natural tomato spread.


  • Brown rice with mushrooms.
  • A salad of lettuce with two slices of orange.


  • Peach juice.


  • Artichokes boiled with olive oil and a splash of vinegar.
  • A spinach salad with turkey chips and pineapple chips.

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