What is the Reason for the Adverse effect of Gluten-Free Diet?


Gluten-free diets can cause deficiency of minerals and vitamins. Discover the rest of the related problems. Are you following gluten-free diets without the doctor having recommended it to you just because you heard that it is the new fashion?

“You should know that if you do not have gluten intolerance, following this type of diet can severely affect your health”.

This diet has become fashionable because by eliminating certain types of carbohydrates, it generates the idea that you will lose weight. If that is your goal, choose another type of diet or take advantage of the services of a nutritionist. In case you suspect that you have gluten intolerance, go to your doctor to make sure. Otherwise, you may experience the following problems of gluten-free diets.

Risks of Gluten-Free Diets:

Deficiency of Vitamins and Minerals

Gluten-free diets can cause deficiency of minerals and vitamins because your intestines will have trouble absorbing nutrients. This is a common problem when you stop eating gluten-free foods. Therefore, it is common for doctors to indicate a supplement to cover the deficiencies. However, when you follow this type of diet without supervision, it is common for you to ignore this requirement. The nutritional deficiencies most common are iron and vitamin B. It is possible that when the deficiency is severe, you experience problems to perform your normal activities. The solution is to eat foods of all kinds to supply the nutrients that you will not get by eliminating gluten.

You Will  Have Stomach Problems and Intestinal Transit

Another risk of gluten-free diets is that you will suffer constipation most of the time. This is because foods with gluten are also usually high in fiber. Remember that fiber helps to release the bowel of everything that is accumulating. In case you already have problems with constipation, avoid this kind of diet unless it is very necessary. In case you cannot avoid it, remember to add another class of foods high in fiber:

  • Nuts

In addition to experiencing annoying symptoms of constipation, you will begin to gain weight. This effect will be caused by the accumulation of toxins in the intestine. The good news is that once you start consuming fiber, you will lose that weight.

You Could Consume High Levels of Arsenic

People who follow gluten-free diets often incorporate rice as a substitute. This is because it is very economical, easy to prepare and very versatile. The problem is that rice may contain small amounts of arsenic which, when accumulated, can cause heart problems.Rice is a base ingredient. When you are intolerant to gluten, the doctor usually gives recommendations on what foods to include and the amounts. If you follow the diet unnecessarily, easily exceed the quantities. If you have no other choice, remember to include a variety of whole grains in your diet. Rice should be just one part, not most of your diet.

Your Pocket Will be Resentful

Gluten-free diets require a large investment. Although there are many gluten-free products, the vast majority cost much more than the common versions. That’s because this kind of food requires more research and investment. Remember that these products are part of a medical treatment so they will not be too cheap. The best option if you want to lose weight without affecting your pocket is to eat natural products. That is, organize your weekly menu thinking about food that are easy to buy in the season. Then, acquire these products in local markets.

You Will be Consuming a Large Amount of Processed Foods

Gluten-free diets are usually based on foods that had to go through several processes to eliminate gluten. This results in several factors:

  • You will consume high amounts of sweeteners. Because the food is highly processed, some lose their ability to stay in good condition. To keep them in good condition, brands will need to add some conservatives.
  • You are adding too much fat to your diet. Since processed foods lose part of their properties, they require added fats to recover softness and the sensation of freshness. For this reason, following a gluten-free diet could cause heart problems, fatty liver and diabetes, among others.

Are you following a gluten-free diet without talking to your doctor? Do not do it anymore. As you can see, it presents several unnecessary risks.


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