Restricting Food is Not the Solution for a Good Diet! Why?



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he solution to a balanced diet is to include all kinds of food and adopt it as a way of life, not as something temporary. By excluding ingredients we will only increase our desire to consume them. Nowadays, beauty stereotypes have begun to gain importance in achieving professional and personal goals. Therefore, both men and women have been willing to lose weight.  However, many times your solution to a diet is to eliminate food.

“This elimination, precisely from those foods that we like the most, can lead us to feel great stress and anxiety”.

In this sense, it can cause us, at a certain moment, to fall into temptation and consume them compulsively and without control. And it is that the forbidden knows better… Therefore, the ideal is “not to prohibit anything”. A solution for a diet should be able to make us feel good and control our strength will.

3 Reasons Not to Eliminate Foods From Your Diet

The diet must be synonymous with health, with more life, and not with restrictions. In effect, eliminating the foods that you like may make you want them more and make the diet more difficult for you. Therefore, you could be tempted to abandon the diet. The forbidden causes intrigue, anxiety and, when you have it, pleasure. Therefore, restricting food does not seem to be the solution.

1. The Desire Increases Towards the Desired Object

Controlling what you eat can be controversial. However, of course, it is necessary to discern what makes us good from what does not. And this should also apply to food. However, excessive control goes against our nature as human beings. In this way, the restriction can make the diet unsustainable and, ultimately, a failure. The food should be enjoyed, it should cause pleasure. By categorizing a food as forbidden, we make it an object of desire. In this sense, it is not logical to eliminate them completely from our diet. We talk about junk food, sweets and soft drinks. Precisely for that, give a space to this group of foods. Complete your meal plan and allow yourself to eat any of these foods once a week.

2. Eliminating Foods From Our Diet Causes Anxiety

Anxiety is something to avoid. If you restrict that sweet or food that you like so much, you’ll want to eat it more and more. When you have it at your fingertips, the sensation will be unsustainable. In addition, anxiety can cause you, when you have the opportunity to eat what you like so much, forget your goals and do not stop until you are satisfied. The restriction is not good counselor and anxiety less. The diet should be a friend of your abilities and should not be a decision that violates your wishes.

3. The Emotional Value of Food

There are foods that are part of our history as individuals. A meal prepared by the grandmother, a sweet that your partner gave you, a drink that reminds you of a good conversation. Memories cannot be erased; they integrate what you are as a person and you can evoke them filling you with joy.

Dietism, A Bad Habit

The obsession to lose weight produces what until now is known as diet. It is about the tendency to do diets continuously. In one way or another, it is related to the despair and guilt that comes from having eaten without any prior control. Therefore, this emotion may make us fall into the error of fast diets, without professional advice. In this way, we only risk putting our health at risk. Listen to the experts and follow a good diet plan. It is the best solution for a diet.

What is the Solution?

Something must be clear: all foods must be accommodated in our lives (unless your body is intolerant to certain foods). Logically, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of these foods:

  • Which ones should be consumed in less quantity? Carbohydrates, fats and sweets.

It is about consuming everything, but in its correct measure. You will have greater adherence to the diet and you will not feel anxiety and stress. Therefore, you will not fall into compulsive eating and you will feel less hungry. Planning is the key. Therefore, plan small food intakes spread throughout the day. One last tip, visit a nutrition expert, it will be your best guide and will help you find the best solution for a diet. And, of course, do not forget the exercise!


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