What are the Advantages of Consuming Skimmed Yogurt in the Diet?


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When making a diet, one of the essential and recommended foods is skimmed yogurt. Here we will tell you the advantages of consuming it in the diet. When making a diet, one of the essential and most recommended foods is skimmed yogurt. Yogurt is obtained from the bacterial fermentation of lactose, the sugar in milk.

“Skimmed yogurt is a low-calorie food and its nutrient composition is based on the composition of the milk from which it is derived”.

It is an excellent source of proteins with a high quality, associated with a high value in essential amino acids. In addition, it contains carbohydrates and a wide range of fatty acids. According to the regulations, the fat content must be less than 1%, and on average it is usually 0.9%. Here we will tell you the advantages of consuming skimmed yogurt in the diet.

Benefits of Including Skimmed Yogurt in the Diet:

It is necessary to consume yogurt on a regular basis to obtain a sustainable benefit. Most regulatory authorities and scientific institutions recognize yogurt and dairy products as part of a healthy diet.

1. Accelerates the Metabolism

One of the causes of overweight is having a slow metabolism. Skimmed yogurt accelerates metabolism and activates the intestinal flora with its high content of probiotics. This makes it an excellent ally for people who suffer from constipation and those who wish to detoxify their body. If you want to increase the effect, you can combine the yogurt with foods that facilitate intestinal transit, for example papaya and oats.

2. It has High Protein Content

Skimmed yogurt stands out for its high protein content, even compared to whole yogurt. On average, it provides 4.3 grams of protein per 100 ml. Proteins are essential during the diet to obtain the necessary amount of amino acids in our body. You must consume protein daily to increase muscle mass, but the right amount of protein also depends on other factors such as sex, age and physical activity you perform.

3. Reduces the Likelihood of Suffering Respiratory Diseases

The skimmed yogurt also protects against respiratory diseases, by the action of probiotics that act by strengthening the action of the immune system. In other words, besides taking care of your weight, skimmed yogurt increases your immune response to diseases such as the flu.

4. Provides More Nutrients than Any Other Type of Dairy Milk and Dairy Products

The skimmed yogurt provides a large amount of vitamins, B2 and B12, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, among other nutrients. In fact, it provides 50% more potassium, calcium and magnesium compared to low-fat milk.

5. Skimmed Yogurt has Antioxidant Properties

Day by day we expose ourselves to different factors that can affect our health, such as free radicals that can influence the development of degenerative diseases and premature aging. Antioxidants are molecules that help prevent the oxidation of others and, in this way, prevent aging and cellular damage. During 2017, studies were conducted that verified the effectiveness of skimmed yogurt to defend our body from oxidation. Yogurt contains various components derived from the fermentation process, which are excellent natural antioxidants.

6. It is an Excellent Dessert

It is very common for diets to exclude sweet desserts. However, there is yogurt in a variety of flavors and combined with fruits. Take advantage of this diversity to fill that craving and avoid falling into the temptation of eating high-calorie foods.

In summary, incorporating dairy products into the diet, including yogurt, improves the quality of the diet, reduces nutrient deficiencies, improves metabolism and prevents against some diseases.


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