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Does the Dukan Diet Work for Patients With Obesity?

The problem of the Dukan diet is its generality, since it does not take into account the particularities of the patient. So, it is more normal that you do not have the same result in different people. You’ve probably heard of the “miraculous” diet Dukan, chosen by many Hollywood artists. This is the favorite of those who want to lose weight without much effort. In fact, for example, it does not require exercise and you eat almost what you want. However, those who have investigated this method of the French doctor Pierre Dukan indicate that it does not work in 80% of people who practice it, especially in those who have obesity. Learn more information in this article.

The Supposed Success of the Dukan System

This doctor has released several books on his miraculous diet and they are all a success. In Spain, for example, its three publications are best-sellers with more than half a million sales. As the commotion for this plan to lose weight did not go unnoticed by anyone, from the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) an investigation was carried out. This showed that Dr. Dukan’s method “is fraudulent, illegal, it does not serve to lose weight and it is a great risk for those who practice it”. A good number of people have started this diet after seeing the effects it has had on the actress Penélope Cruz after giving birth to her son. In addition, it was also supposedly followed by the mother of the future Queen of England Kate Middleton.

Can the Dukan Diet be used for Obese?

Some indicate that it is perfect for those who suffer from obesity and others that is only for those who want to get rid of extra pounds. Moreover, the method promises lasting effects (for life). However, there are many researchers who have unmasked this supposed miraculous technique. One of the studies that serve to understand why this diet does not work was done by a group of Dr. Dukan coterráneo. In this, a survey was carried out among 5,000 people who practiced the diet. Although most of them indicated that at the beginning the method served them, later:

  • 35% regained the lost weight after a year or less.
  • 48% returned to the initial weight after one year.
  • 64% of respondents had more weight than when they started, after two years of treatment.
  • 70% exceeded the weight of the beginning at 3 years.
  • 80% of those consulted weighed equal or more than when starting 4 years earlier.

What Consequences can the Dukan Diet Bring?

One of the maxims that revolve around this method is that “if you do not get the expected results it is because of your lack of commitment”. That is, it is the patient’s fault, not the method. This has been possible to conclude the answers of the respondents. 60% of them said that “they did not lose weight because they ate much more than was allowed”, “they did not respect the first phases of the diet”, “one day a week they ate something they should not”, etc. This feeling of guilt is one of the psychological consequences associated with the Dukan diet, but it is not the only one. “Dukanian” patients have also suffered from depressive symptoms and a decrease in self-esteem. This is because one day they look in the mirror and have a beautiful body. However, within a few weeks everything is as before, or much worse. It is also worth saying that Pierre Dukan himself has stated that, for him, people with a few extra kilos are sick, not to mention the obese.

The World Health Organization declared something similar in 1997. This described obesity as a chronic disease, although incontinuous. This nutritionist treats all those who are not thin equally, on the basis that they have problems. It is estimated that patients with obesity and overweight have been able to reduce, using this Dukan diet, an average of 2 kilos at the end of the first month. However, it is not a significant amount if we take into account the food imbalances to which we expose ourselves.

So, is it Really the Best Diet?

Given the above,

“It can be concluded that there are more effective and healthy plans that can be followed to obtain better results”.

With eating less flours, sugars and fats, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, exercise and avoid certain habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol, we can lose weight. It is not necessary to resort to such drastic treatments. In addition, these tend to have a large number of side effects and, above all, a high probability of suffering the so-called “rebound effect”. That is, there are many possibilities to regain weight the few or many kilos lowered.

Among those who are against the Dukan diet and indicate that it is not recommended for any person, whether obese or not, there is a researcher from the University of Navarra. Dr. Silva indicates that this type of method usually contributes little energy and nutrients. Thus, they favor the loss of muscle mass and water more than fat.

How Should a Good Diet Be?

This diet is made by reading a book that is bought even in a supermarket. Therefore, Dr. Dukan is not responsible for analyzing each case in particular. Nor does the corresponding follow-up, as would a nutritionist in a medical center. In addition, there is not much control in relation to the patient’s understanding of diet. What’s more, if that were not enough, the book is somewhat generalized and does not concentrate on a specific group of the population. However, it is clear that not everyone can make the same diet, due to differences in:

  • Age
  • Physical form
  • Overweight
  • Habits and activities
  • Hereditary factors
  • Diseases that can influence the process

Therefore, it is necessary to go to the doctor and analyze other options to eat healthier and at the same time, lose weight, always at the pace of each one.

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